Effective TypeScript Talk at Etsy (Dec 2020)

Back in 2020 I gave a whole series of Effective TypeScript talks at companies that were interested in the language and the book. The talk that I gave at Etsy in December of 2020 was one of the most fun. It was recorded and is now available to watch. It's about an hour.

Here are the slides. Topics covered in this talk include:

  • What is an "Effective" book?
  • What's the relationship between TypeScript and JavaScript (playground)
  • Why you shouldn't repeat type information in documentation (Item 30; playground)
  • Why you should think about types as sets of values (Item 7, playground)
  • Designing types that only represent valid states (Item 28, playground)
  • How to avoid fighting with the type checker (playground)

The content of the talk represents my views, it wasn't by or on behalf of Etsy. If you're interested in hosting an Effective TypeScript talk at your company or meetup, please get in touch!

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