Advent of Code 2020, this time in Rust

There's been lots of interest in Rust in the JavaScript and TypeScript community over the past few years, both because it can target WebAssembly and because deno is written in Rust.

Last year I decided to learn Rust by doing the Advent of Code in it: two puzzles every day of December leading up to Christmas. I had a great time and learned a lot about Rust, and I'd highly recommend this as a way to learn a language.

Since this is a bit off-topic for the Effective TypeScript blog, I posted my writeup on Medium. If you're interested in Rust, check it out: Advent of Code 2020 (this time in Rust).

TL;DR: Rust is an interesting language that works great for a specific niche, but it's a bit annoying to work with and I wouldn't choose to use it unless I was working in its niche. Also, this year's Advent of Code was too easy!

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